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Album release soon!

2009-07-26 19:26:20 by GeneticBiofox

Album is going to be realeased! first one is planned to be realeased in the end august! it will be a hardcore/gabber album, first i need to get my tracks mixed... which will take some time <_<

I also has a Psytrance album planed as a experimental project!

But the best part: It will all be free as download for anyone that wants it. Copies of the album will also be released as a CD but only for sale in sweden for a quite good price... just to cover the cost for what i pay for creating the CD's ^^

Link to my myspace (Which is in progress as i speak) will be put up here as another anouncement and there it will be able for download!

Music should be free! it is culture dammit! :D


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2009-07-27 07:46:01

Sounds good you're releasing an album, your songs need more attention. They deserve it. I guess gabber and hardcore aren't too hot here on NG.

I do melodic hardstyle, nustyle and they seem to get me up in the ranks :D

If u need nething, mixing, reviews etc. Gimmie a yell.